Product info: SE-buffer ROSE+

SE-buffer ROSE+
Cat. #B121
Package, ml1

DescriptionSE ROSE+ Buffer is a modified universal ROSE (Reaction Original SibEnzyme) Buffer (B021), specially designed for Restriction Endonucleases that require BSA to obtain 100% activity. The concentration of BSA in 1X ROSE+ Buffer is 100 μg/ml. In most cases Restriction Endonucleases reveal 50-100% activity in this Buffer. ROSE+ Buffer is perfect for DNA cleavage with SE Turbo Restriction Endonucleases and for double digestion. Do not use this Buffer for long incubation (16 hours) with the enzymes having star activity.
Storage conditionsStore at -20°C. The Buffer may be stored at 4-10°C for 3 months.
NotesThe Buffer is supplied in 10X concentration. Because of the presence of concentrated BSA this Buffer requires careful defrosting. We recommend to make defrosting of SE-Buffer ROSE+ (10X) at room temperature and mix it gently before use. The heating of this concentrated buffer to a temperature above 37°C may result in the precipitate formation because of partial denaturation of BSA.
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