Product info: pHspAI10/DriI+M.Fsp4HI

Cat. #D21
Package, μg10
Concentration, μg/ml200

SourcepHspAI10 is isolated from E.coli (dam+,dcm+) by a standard plasmid purification procedure.
DescriptionDNA pHspAI10/DriI+M.Fsp4HI is a plasmid pHspAI10, which is linearized with DriI, and, additionally, modified with Fsp4HI DNA methyltransferase. pHspAI10 carries a gene of HspAI DNA methyltransferase, that modifies the sequence 5`-GCGC-3`, producing 5`-G(5mC)GC-3`.
M.Fsp4HI modifies the sequence 5`-GCNGC-3`, producing 5`-G(5mC)NGC-3`.
A substrate pHspAI10/DriI+M.Fsp4HI includes one site 5`-G(5mC)G(5mC)NG(5mC)G(5mC)-3` /3`- (5mC)G(5mC)GN(5mC)G(5mC)G-5`.
Storage conditions10 mM Tris-HCl (pH 8.0); 1 mM EDTA. Store at - 20°C.
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