Product info: GlaI-PCR Assay Kit

GlaI-PCR Assay Kit
Cat. #K011SK011L
Package, reactions2001000

Description Instruction manual: Download as PDF.

The following reagents are supplied with this product:
  1. 1X  TE Buffer
  2. 10X SE TMN Buffer
  3. BSA, 10 mg/mL
  4. MD DNA-endonuclease ( 20 u/µL)
  5. β -mercaptoethanol (200ěĚ)
  6. 10X SE GLAD Buffer
  7. dNTP Mix, 10 mM each
  8. SP Taq DNA Polymerase, 5 u/µL
  9. Control DNA L-68, 18 ng/µL
  10. Control DNA HeLa, 18 ng/µL
  11. Control mouse DNA, 18 ng/ µL
  12. Control RARB mix (primers + TaqMan probe), 10 µM each
  13. DNA phage λ, 18 ng/µL
  14. DNA Raji, 18 ng/µL
ApplicationThe kit is developed for determination of methylation status of human and mammalian DNA fragment with a real-time PCR and for identification of unmethylated RCGY sites within it.
Storage conditionsStore at -20°C.
NotesReaction requires:
1. DNA sample,
2. Genome primer and TaqMan probe designed for DNA region of interest,
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