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2018-04-08 - New packed

New packages of Gla I (200 units and 1000 units) – twice more activity for the same price!
You can order this enzyme and see all the information on Methyl-directed DNA endonuclease

2018-04-17 - New packages

More than 30 top-selling restriction endonucleases are available in mini-packages for a reasonable price!

2018-04-03 - A recombinant enzyme

Native enzyme - Apa I was replaced by recombinant enzyme.
You can order it and see all the information on Restriction endonucleases

2018-03-12 - A new product

PfuSE DNA polymerase - PfuSE DNA Polymerase is useful for high fidelity synthesis and the end polishing. You can order it and see all the information on Other Enzymes .

2016-11-15 - New products

Turbo enzymes : high quality restriction enzymes for fast digestion.

2016-11-15 - New packages

Our best-selling RE (restriction enzymes) are now available in minimal packages at optimal price .
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