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New enzymes - Discovery and applications of new enzymes. Bacterial strains screening and enzymes isolation. Characterization of new enzymes including determination of recognition sites, cleavage or modification positions, optimal reaction conditions

Genes cloning - Genes of restriction enzymes, control proteins and DNA-methyltransferases: cloning and analysis of their nucleotide sequences. Structure of restriction-modification systems and regulation of genes activity

Enzymatic properties - Study of substrate specificity, biochemical and steady-state kinetic properties of enzymes

Methods - New enzymes application in molecular biology, genetic engineering and genomics

Genomic DNA study - Analysis of prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes. Software development for analysis of very long nucleotide sequences and repetitive DNA. Mammalian DNA digestion in vitro and in silico

Epigenetics - Study of human and mammalian DNA methylation. New methods in Epigenetics.
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