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VA Chernukhin, DA Gonchar, MA Abdurashitov, EV Kileva, OA Belichenko, VS Dedkov, NA Mikhnenkova, SKh Degtyarev Comparative analysis of biochemical properties of site specific methyl-directed DNA endonucleases BisI, BlsI and EcoBLI recognizing 5`-G(5mC)NGC-3`/3`-CGN(5mC)G-5` // Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences, RJPBCS, vol 7(2), p.p. 388-394 (2016)
Murat A . Abdurashitov , Valery A . Chernukhin , Danila A . Gonchar , Vladimir S . Dedkov, Natalia A . Mikhnenkova, and Sergey Kh . Degtyarev Dimethyl Sulfoxide Changes the Recognition Site Preference of Methyl- directed Site-specific DNA Endonuclease GlaI.// Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences, vol. 7(1),p. 1733-1739 (2016)
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Chernukhin V.A., Kashirina Yu.G., Sukhanova K.S., Abdurashitov M.A., Gonchar D.A., and Degtyarev S. Kh. Isolation and exploration of biochemical propeties of DNA Methyltransferase FauIA modifying Non-palindromic sequence 5'-CCCGC-3'. // Biochemistry (Moscow), Vol. 70, No 6, (2005). (In Russian)
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