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2021-04-01 - A new enzyme

A new restriction endonuclease : KroN I.
2021-02-16 - A recombinant enzyme

Native enzyme - Pcs I was replaced by recombinant enzyme.
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B. S. Malyshev, N. A. Netesova, N. A. Smetannikova, M. A. Abdurashitov, A. G. Akishev, E. V. Dubinin, A. Z. Azanov, I. V. Vihlyanov, M. K. Nikitin, A. B. Karpov, S. Kh. Degtyarev
GLAD-PCR Assay of R(5mC)GY Sites in the Regulatory Region of Tumor-Suppressor Genes Associated with Gastric Cancer // Acta Naturae, 2020, V 12, # 3(46): 124-133

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